Plastic Surgery Columbus

Nov 12

It is an Umbilical Hernia; Get It Fixed at the Time of your Tummy Tuck.

Oct 29

Dr. McMahan Voted One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Columbus

Sep 24

One mistake followed by another

Sep 3

Differential wrapping helpful in cases of asymmetry after breast augmentation surgery

Aug 27

Take it easy for a few weeks after a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Aug 20

Is it a Lift or is it a Reduction?

Aug 6

Every year, hundreds of new products, creams, lotions, techniques and products become available...

Jul 16

Using plastic surgery to ‘kick-start’ your diet and exercise program just does not work.

Jun 18

"The Laser Bra"

Jun 11

Lasers are a double-edged sword in medicine and surgery

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