Mar 12

Introducing the NEW myHELPER!

Introducing the NEW myHELPER! + Columbus

by James D. McMahan, MD

This powerful, fast-acting treatment is a must have for unwanted blemishes to boost skin clarity and self-confidence and features 5% Benzoyl Peroxide that has been enhanced by MyBody’s advanced bioemulsion delivery system.  This system can eradicate p. Acnes bacteria more effectively and help minimize any redness and swelling. This pocket-sized pen can quickly and visibly reduce breakouts with less irritation and dryness compared to typical Benzoyl Peroxide products. 

Summary of Benefits:

·         Concentrated formula can help quickly kill acne causing bacteria

·         Skin-friendly surfactants help enhance penetration and also reduce irritation and excessive dryness

·         Suitable for face, neck, chest and even the back

·         Helps to maintain a clear complexion

·         Portable click pen offers precise application

·         Paraben-free

·         Phthalate-free

·         Sulfate-free

·         FD&C dye-free

·         Not Animal Tested


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