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Vacation in Grand Cayman...continued.

Vacation in Grand Cayman...continued.

by James D. McMahan, MD

Monday: Got up early and drove to the Northwest end of the Island where at Dive-Tech, I took a scuba trip down to 40 feet while Carrie snorkeled above.  It was a very good dive; Drew (UK) was an excellent guide who recommended several good snorkel spots that we could reach from the shore.  We walked around George Town for a while which was smaller than I expected and was relatively busy as there were two cruise ships in port.  Not much to offer unless you’re into island trinkets or jewelry. 

Tuesday:  On Drew’s recommendation we went to Spot Beach for a morning snorkel with a few turtles and fish.  Had lunch at the Sunset House, which had changed dramatically since Carrie was last there, a mere 40+ years ago.  Had to have the conch fritters and conch chowder.  It was then off to one of the best snorkel spots on the island at Smith’s cove.  Surprisingly few people and very easy to get to.  Saw a good variety of fish, an octopus and several squid.  Had dinner in our room (full kitchen) with a nice bottle of Orin Swift wine.

Wednesday:  Went for another morning snorkel at Gamma Ship wreck, which is right off of the beach and, again, very easy to get to.  Tons of she urchins and quite a few fish.  The old ship is in relatively shallow water so it is easy to see the entire wreckage.  Had lunch at Heritage Kitchen, which is an absolute must.  It looks like a rundown shack right next to the ocean with only outdoor seating on picnic benches and chickens running around (very common on Grand Cayman).  While waiting to be served, an elderly gentleman grabbed something off of the tree above us, broke it open with a stick and gave it to us as our appetizer:  Fresh almonds.  The conch soup was excellent as was the Jamaican grouper.  At the end of the meal, the same guy (David) walked down to a tree about 60 yards away, broke off a small limb and gave it to us saying it was our dessert: Lychee fruit.

Another snorkel adventure off of Cemetery Beach then had dinner at Sunshine Grill in the Sunshine Suites Hotel by the pool. 

To be continued....again...

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