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Dec 28

Full recovery from breast augmentation surgery takes up to six weeks.  For a smooth and successful recovery, prepare your home and lift with these tips. 

Dec 18
Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. That statement may be more true when it comes to plastic surgery than anywhere else. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is making concerted effort to emphasize this to its member surgeons in recent months. Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, more and more patients are requesting surgeries that border on the edge of normalcy. Unfortunately, patients making these requests often do not understand the potential future repercussions of their desires. Probably the most common example is a woman requesting unusually large breast implants. While they may achieve their desired look, it is unlikely that they will be happy with their decision long term. Unfortunately the future fix is not only expensive, it cna never make it as good as what it once was. At Advanced Aesthetic Laser Surgery in Columbus, Ohio, I recently turned down a patient who had 800cc breast implants and wanted them re
Oct 25
Waiting until after your procedure is way too late to start investigating who your plastic surgeon is. We have all heard the adage that Fact is stranger than fiction.' That may be truer with plastic surgery in Columbus, Ohio than anywhere else. Here is one of the cray stories I just heard from a patient who recently came into my office. A very pleasant, middle-aged female recently came in to see me for a consultation after signing up for surgery at a facility that uses a nationally branded scheme to lure in patients. She had spent the vast majority of her time during her consultation there with a sales person, who is the one who decided what procedures she needed....Not a physician or person with ANY medical training! She say the Doctor (who lives almost an hour away) for only FIVE minutes. It was a very high-pressure sales job that she succumed to but smartly came in for a second opinion. She was given a cost quote for liposuction of multiple areas (some where she l
Oct 11
One of the best ways to speed your recovery from plastic surgeyr is with the use of tumescent fluid. This fluid contains a combination of dilute local anesthetic agents to reduce pain as well as epinephrine to constrict blood vessels to decrease bleeding. It is amazing how much this can reduce pain after surgery and speed up your recovery. Particularly since a combination of short and long acting local anesthetics are often used to provide as much pain relief as possible. I have had patients take nothing but aceaminophen (Tylenol ) after procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks with the use of tumescent fluid infiltration at the time of surgery. It is amazing that more surgeons do not do this as it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing. To obtain even longer lasting pain relief, Pacira Pharmaceuticals has developed liposomal bupivacaine for use in larger cases. Bupivacaine is a long acting local anesthetic, which Pacira has essentially encapsulated in l
Oct 4

James D. McMahan, MD can perferm different types of tummy tucks in Columbus, Ohio.  

Feb 16

Whether it is a relatively minor injectable procedure such as Botox or a major body contouring surgery, one of the most important decisions you as a patient is going to make is, “Who is performing the procedure?”

Jan 9

Over the past several years, a number of cases of BIA-ALCL have been reported and the FDA is now closely monitoring this condition.

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