Plastic Surgery Columbus

Dec 28

Full recovery from breast augmentation surgery takes up to six weeks.  For a smooth and successful recovery, prepare your home and lift with these tips. 

Jan 9

Over the past several years, a number of cases of BIA-ALCL have been reported and the FDA is now closely monitoring this condition.

Aug 18

Cigarette smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your body with a tremendous amount of health implications and can significantly increase the risk of lung and healing problems related to elective plastic surgery. 

Jul 14

Step aside women! Today more men are seeing plastic surgery to regain their youthful physique. 

Apr 14

Plastic surgeons heard for years about the new fourth generation implants but when they finally became available, most of us were very disappointed. 

Apr 7

Tuberous breasts are more common than most people realize and can be substantially improved with implants and a small lift. 

Mar 3

It is best to have a Mommy Makeover when you are done having children

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