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Oct 25
Waiting until after your procedure is way too late to start investigating who your plastic surgeon is. We have all heard the adage that Fact is stranger than fiction.' That may be truer with plastic surgery in Columbus, Ohio than anywhere else. Here is one of the cray stories I just heard from a patient who recently came into my office. A very pleasant, middle-aged female recently came in to see me for a consultation after signing up for surgery at a facility that uses a nationally branded scheme to lure in patients. She had spent the vast majority of her time during her consultation there with a sales person, who is the one who decided what procedures she needed....Not a physician or person with ANY medical training! She say the Doctor (who lives almost an hour away) for only FIVE minutes. It was a very high-pressure sales job that she succumed to but smartly came in for a second opinion. She was given a cost quote for liposuction of multiple areas (some where she l

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