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Apr 16

Non-surgical treatments to remove fat

Apr 9

You must massage your breasts after breast augmentation surgery to keep them soft.

Mar 26

Putting breast implants on top of the muscle will give you a lift.

Mar 19

You have to change your breast implants every ten years....

Mar 12

New on-the-go clinical strength, oil-free spot treatment to help eliminate acne breakouts while enhancing the healing process

Mar 5

Your plastic surgeon benefits from your loyalty, so should you.

Feb 26

Filler injections are not without risk.

Feb 20
Tagged with: Liposuction Columbus Ohio

Be VERY careful about who you see for plastic surgery!

Feb 12
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Something as simple as local anesthetic can dramatically reduce the pain of surgery.

Feb 5

Fat injections into the breasts for augmentation shows limited success.

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