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Dec 4
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With the advent of a more health conscious society, more and more patients are losing weight through diet and exercise of weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass surgery.

Nov 20
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Why you should make sure your surgery is by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and not a con artist!

Nov 13
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Recommendation of the day: Stay away from ‘quick-fixes.’  

Oct 30
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Breast Implant: Choose Your Incision Wisely!

Oct 23
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Is permanent the best choice?

Oct 16

How long it is going to take to recover from surgery and get back to work is a big concern for many patients who are considering plastic surgery.

Oct 9

When considering who is going to perform your facelift, do you go with someone who is using an advertising gimmick to lure you in?

Oct 2

Have you ever seen pictures of those tummy tucks with big, nasty scars around the belly button?

Sep 25
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Cheap, easy, effective pain relief with surgery

Sep 19
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Is Nonsurgical Liposuction the best choice for you? 

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