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Plastic Surgeon Columbus - Patient Reviews about Dr. James McMahan

Breast Lift

After nursing three children, my 'girls' were pointing south. I saw four plastic surgeons but didn’t like what I heard from any of them until I met with Dr. McMahan. He was the only doctor that really listened to me and gave me the answers that I was looking for. I had almost no pain with my surgery and I was back to work in three days! My ‘girls’ are happy again and so am I. Thank you, Dr. McMahan!
~ Denise, Columbus
As a result of nursing a baby and/or undergoing weight loss, most women find themselves needing a boost for their breasts. Their answer lies in a simple procedure known as a breast lift. In this procedure, excess skin is removed to re-position the nipple and the areola and eliminate breast sagging.

If the sagging is not extreme, minimal surgery is sufficient. As part of the surgery, a small crescent shaped piece of skin is taken off from above the areola, raising the nipple and the areola just a few centimeters. Dr. McMahan refers to this procedure, which leaves very little scarring, as the ‘Superior Areola Mastopexy.’

For breasts that sag more, a procedure referred to as the ‘doughnut, periareola, of Binelli Mastopexy’ is used. As the name indicates, this procedure involves the removal of a doughnut shaped circle of skin from around the areola, which results in a scar in that area.

Where there is too much skin for a basic ‘doughnut’ procedure, Dr. McMahan removes more skin from beneath the areola. Here the scar will encircle the areola and extend down to the crease. This is called a ‘VOQ Mastopexy.’

Breast Lift Columbus Breast Lift Columbus - Dr Mcmahan on Breast Lift Video
If you are undergoing standard breast lift surgery, Dr. McMahan will remove a fair amount of skin from under the areola while the areola itself will be made smaller. Your nipple and areola will be repositioned at a higher position. Skin from above the areola will then be placed underneath to provide strength and support. Your scar will run around the areola, down to the crease, underneath the breast and along the crease. Your nipple and areola remain attached to the breast tissue beneath, but it will give a look of complete removal.

Pain in a breast lift is minimal and a few doses of pain relieving medication are usually sufficient for most patients. Following the surgery, patients may lose sensation in the lower area of the breast for a few months.

A breast lift is ideal for ladies who are interested in regaining the shape of their breasts without increasing their size.

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