Lengthen and Plump Your Eyelashes with Latisse® ~Columbus, Ohio

Every day, people all around the world spend money on extensions and make up to help make their appearance more dramatic and their eyelashes appear longer. If you wish your eyelashes were fuller and thicker, you are not alone. With the revolutionary Latisse® treatment, patients can transform the appearance of their eyes and experience eyelashes that are more voluminous.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved treatment that works gradually to restore eyelashes in just a few short months. Treatments must be continued to maintain results, discontinuation of Latisse® will cause eyelashes to return to their normal appearance. Thicker, fuller, and longer lashes are now easier than ever to attain.

Latisse® treatments work from the inside out, addressing inadequate eyelashes using bimatoprost. Bimatoprost helps make eyelashes more noticeable by increasing the percentage of hair in the active growth phase. This allows eyelashes to grow longer and darker, giving patients the dramatic appearance they desire. Latisse® is applied to the base of the eyelashes each day with a sterile applicator. It is important to use a new applicator each time. For maximum comfort and results, it is recommended that patients apply the medication right before bed. Early results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks, and maximum results are usually seen in 16 weeks. 

Possible side effects from Latisse® may include eye redness or an itching sensation around the eyes. Other side effects may include eye irritation, skin darkening, or dryness. If patients notice any changes in vision, discharge, or unusual redness or swelling, it is advised to seek medical attention. 

The beautiful, voluminous, and lush eyelashes that you've always dreamed about are now easier than ever to experience. Gone are the days of having to spend money and time applying fake lashes. Call Advanced Aesthetic and Laser Surgery today to find out more about how Latisse® can transform your eyelashes. We are always accepting new patients and look forward to helping you achieve the appearance you deserve. We also offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can take years off your appearance and eliminate or reduce the visible signs of aging. 

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