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Dr. James McMahan discusses a wide range of anti-aging skin treatments. From the Obagi® skin care products to dermal fillers to laser treatments and microdermabrasion and surgical solutions, patients can select the best treatments for them. Dr. McMahan encourages his patients to choose conservative treatments when possible.

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Interviewer: Most of us want to look as young as we feel. Usually, though, the aging process is working against us. Yet, there are many new techniques to rejuvenate our look and joining me today with a range of options is Dr. James McMahan, a plastic surgeon with advanced with advanced aesthetic and laser surgery. Welcome Dr. McMahan, nice to have you here. Dr. McMahan: Thank you. Thanks for having me. Interviewer: There are so many more options today, as they say, less invasive, more invasive. What are some of the best options that you see your patients getting results? Dr. McMahan: I like patients to start conservative and gradually move up and obviously, number one, avoid the sun, avoid the sun. Learn to love the shade. Then, I think an aggressive skin care program is beneficial. A lot of woman have the over the counter products, their cupboards are full of them, they just haven't worked. So I like patients to get on an aggressive program that you can get in a physician's office. We like the Obagi System because the more aggressive you are at home, the less you are coming to me and getting peels and facials and injections and things like that. Interviewer: So you do all those and that would be the next step after the over the counter products are inaudible, actually not over the counter, they'd come to you for those products. Dr. McMahan: But after those products, then what would be some options? Dr. McMahan: Next, I like the HydraFacial. It's kind of combined microdermabrasion with the facial. It cleanses the skin, cleans the pores, hydrates the skin and you can infuse antioxidants into the skin to really protect the skin. So that's the next phase before you get into the Botox fillers. I like Juvederm as a filler. Botox is more of an upper facial thing, the filler is typically more of a lower facial thing. Interviewer: So when a patient comes to see you, Doctor, do you look at their lifestyle and everything and what they need done and help them decide the best route to take? Dr. McMahan: Absolutely. If I think they're spending too much time in the sun, I am going to hound them, get out of the sun. If they're smoking, please, you got to stop smoking because that's really detrimental. But rather than say this is what you need, I am more of tell me what bothers you. Tell me what you don't like. Interviewer: And what are you looking at here and don't like, right? Dr. McMahan: Exactly. Then I can tell you what your options are, what the advantages and disadvantage of each product, whether it's a laser, a filler, something like that, are. Interviewer: The more aggressive you talk about using some of those lasers, and what do you mean when you say aggressive? Dr. McMahan: Most people have gotten away from the old CO2 laser, which I still have and it's a great coat rack, but most people don't want to go through the three to four weeks of redness and peeling and scabbing and things like that. Interviewer: So there is downtime with that? Dr. McMahan: There absolutely is. So that's why a lot of the lasers have gone to the fractional treatments and most of the new lasers coming out are comparing themselves to the Fractal Laser, which is a wonderful laser that you can have it done and you can get nice results but look good in just a few days. You do typically get more than one treatment, but it's no bleeding, scabbing, crusting, oozing. You are just pink and swollen for a few days. Interviewer: Boy, you really made that first stuff sound ... The Fractal sounds good after that, and then we have some wonderful before and after pictures of surgical options which some women want, some men want. And the before and after pictures are amazing to me, doctor. When we are looking at these, what have some of these patients had done surgically? Dr. McMahan: This patient had pretty much of a standard facelift. I think she has had her upper eyelids done as well, and I think you can see she looks like the same person but younger and refreshed. And probably the biggest changes you see in her are the jowls and I think her upper eyelids. I think those have made a dramatic difference. Interviewer: You made a point of thing that, that is your goal, is to keep your patients looking like themselves when you are done. Dr. McMahan: Right. You don't want them to look like they've had an operation. You just want them to look better. So hiding the scars, which I think is important which you typically don't get with the quick recovery weekend fix, fast facelift type procedures. Where the scar, you don't have the time to hide the scars and be meticulous and really gear the surgery towards what that particular patient needs. It's not just a one procedure fits everybody. Interviewer: That was my next question. Are you really honest with people if they come to you and they want so many things. Are they really what they want, you can look at them and go, "You really won't like the result?" Dr. McMahan: Oh, absolutely. Patients, sometimes, come in and they want a big procedure but they already look pretty good and their benefit is going to be this, and you don't want to go through this and get that. You rather go through this, of course, and get that but absolutely, I try to get patients away from overdoing the procedures and really focus on the things that they need the most. Interviewer: Interesting stuff. Doctor, your phone number has been up there if some of our viewers want to get in contact with you and learn something today. Thank you very much. Dr. McMahan: Right, thank you.

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