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Selecting Breast Implants Shapes and Sizes Columbus OH

Breast Augmentation in Columbus, OhioWhen it comes to choosing a breast implant, most women have an opinion as to what they think is best for them based on what they have heard from friends or what they have read on the Internet. Unfortunately, much of what they have learned in their research may be completely false and, as a result, have set a goal for themselves that are virtually impossible to achieve.

Discuss Options

There is no one breast implant that is the best for every patient. There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of breast implants and each patient needs to be thoroughly evaluated to determine what type and size of implant would be the best for them depending on their size, shape, measurements, tissue characteristics and aesthetic goals. Implants need to be carefully selected if the surgeon you have selected will not discuss with you your options or allow you to provide input as to what you are trying to achieve, find someone else to perform your surgery. There are plenty of good Plastic Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio for you use a surgeon who won’t listen to you.

Don’t ‘Doctor Shop’

Do not confuse this situation, however, with one where a surgeon is trying to steer you away from a bad decision such as selecting extremely large implants or, in my opinion, choosing to put implants on top of the muscle. If you are fixed on one type or size of implant and numerous surgeons try to talk you out of it, you probably need to listen to them. You will likely eventually find someone who will do as you request, but if that surgeon is in the distinct minority, you may not like what you get.

Implant Sizing

Of the most common breast implants that are used in the United States, there are about 14-16 different size options, of which 3 or 4 could be appropriate for each patient depending on their build, starting breast size, tissue characteristics and desires. To help patient select the most appropriate size, most surgeons will have them put implants into their bra to see what kind of change each size will make. It can be helpful at this time to have the input of a close friend or significant other to help make the decision. However, don’t let that person talk you into something that you don’t want. Get implants only if you really want them.

Understand Your Options

Some implant names or styles can be confusing, so it is important that you know exactly what you are selecting. For example, it is not unusual for a patient to request a ‘high profile’ implant thinking that the word ‘high’ means that the implant will give them more prominence on the upper aspect or pole of the breast. In reality, the opposite is true. High profile means more projection of the implant at the expense of being smaller around. A high profile implant will provide more forward projection of the breast but less upper pole fullness, a rounder and maybe a less natural appearance.

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