Just because you can do something does not mean that you should. That statement may be more true when it comes to plastic surgery than anywhere else.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is making concerted effort to emphasize this to its member surgeons in recent months. Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, more and more patients are requesting surgeries that border on the edge of normalcy.

Unfortunately, patients making these requests often do not understand the potential future repercussions of their desires. Probably the most common example is a woman requesting unusually large breast implants. While they may achieve their desired look, it is unlikely that they will be happy with their decision long term. Unfortunately the future fix is not only expensive, it cna never make it as good as what it once was.

At Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery in Columbus, Ohio, I recently turned down a patient who had 800cc breast implants and wanted them replaced with implants filled to the range of 1800-2000cc's. The largest implants available in the U.S. are around 800cc's, which can be inflated to around 980cc's per manufacturer specifications. Over-inflation is standard procedure with saline implants but only to a certain degree. Going substantially beyond that limit can only make the implants harder and would likely void the warranty again deflation provided by Mentor or Allergan; the two saline implant manufacturers available in the U.S.

Another example is the patient who has already had numerous cosmetic procedures but always comes back in requesting more. Sometimes it is hard to say "No" to a patient, but when it is in their best interest, you just have to do it. Unfortunately, they will likely then 'Doctor-shop' until they find someone who will try to fulfill their request. If numerous reputable plastic surgeons tell you not to have a procedure, do not keep looking for osmoene who will say "Yes." You will likely soon regret it.

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