The popularity of fat injections waxes and wanes over time. It becomes prevalent for a few years and then falls out of favor. What is different this time is that it is being promoted as a technique for breast augmentation.

The supposed advantage is that it is the patients’ own tissue, with no foreign object being implanted, which eliminates the possibility of ‘rejection.’

Unfortunately, most of the fat that is injected fails to ‘take’ and is absorbed, resulting in little, if any increase in breast size. Most patients who are interested in breast augmentation want to go up at least a cup size or two. To do that with fat injections may take two or three surgeries.

In addition, when the injected fat dies, it leaves behind calcium deposits, which is what radiologists are looking for on a mammogram to detect breast cancer. Fat injections can make it very difficult to detect a breast cancer in the future with screening mammograms.

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