Breast Augmentation in Columbus OhioALCL is a relatively rare form of lymphoma and makes up only about 1% on non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. It has recently been reported developing adjacent to certain breast implants in women who have had their implants for an average of 8 years. The most common symptoms include swelling of the breast due to fluid accumulation in the pocket around the implant or a lump found in the breast next to the implant. You should consult your surgeon if you develop any of the above symptoms.

Textured breast implants almost exclusively have been implicated in the development of BIA-ALCL and the vast majority of cases have been in women with ‘macro-textured’ implants such as those produced by Allergan rather than ‘micro-textured’ implants made by Mentor. The majority of implants used today are smooth walled prostheses, which have not been implicated in the development of BIA-ALCL.

If you have textured implants, no one is recommending removal of them unless symptoms develop. If you are considering changing the size of your implants or going from saline to silicone, you can take that opportunity to change to smooth implants, which is what Dr. McMahan has been using almost exclusively for over ten years.

Textured implants were created to reduce the risk of capsular contracture, which seems to be beneficial for implants placed on top of the muscle only. They can also help with avoiding malrotation of shaped breast prostheses.

Until further studies have been done, the FDA is not recommending removing textured implants from the market. Both major plastic surgery organizations, ASPS and ASAPS have developed task forces to evaluate BIA-ALCL studies and provide recommendations to their member surgeons. You can visit the FDA website or go to to obtain more information regarding BIA-ALCL.

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