At Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery in Columbus, OH, Dr. James D. McMahan reverses sun damage in skin with the regenerative power of Fraxel® and PicoSure® Focus laser treatments. In addition to hyperpigmentation or sunspots, fine lines and a dry, dull uneven tone and rough surface texture can also be the result of sun-induced skin damage. In the following sections we will explore how the innovative technology of these laser platforms can address these concerns and help you achieve a healthier and more evenly toned complexion that radiates.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Skin Treatments, and How Do They Reverse Sun Damage?

Among the benefits of skin repair with Fraxel and PicoSure Focus lasers is customizable operation settings. With speed and energy and delivery applicators that adjust to the individual needs and goals of each patient, treatment sessions are more effective and require less healing afterward. PicoSure Focus laser treatments are suitable for every skin type and color and offer gentle, yet effective resurfacing for more delicate skin structure, such as the decollete area or the backs of hands.

These procedures repair skin damage by delivering thermal and pulsed laser energy that is absorbed below the surface into the upper and lower layers of the epidermal and dermal skin tissue. This process accelerates the turnover of damaged or inactive skin cells and increases collagen production, thereby improving or eliminating the appearance of the following:

  • Sunspots (also known as age spots or liver spots)
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rough texture
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Dull tone

The skin rejuvenation benefits these devices are cumulative and go beyond addressing sun damage and common signs of aging, they can also significantly improve the appearance and texture of acne scars and eliminate other more challenging types of hyperpigmentation such as melasma and nevus of Ota.

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel delivers laser energy through a fractionated tip, as energy is absorbed, it converts to thermal energy and creates microscopic columns below the surface that encourage the skin’s natural healing process. Although a more robust treatment than PicoSure Focus, the fractionated tip of this non-ablative allows for non-invasive penetration and leaves surrounding tissue intact to promote faster healing.

PicoSure Focus Laser

The PicoSure Focus laser platform delivers rapid pulses of energy in a fraction of a second through a mechanism of pressure instead of heat. The device is equipped with multiple applicators that include a fractionated tip and hand pieces that zoom and have adjustable size fluency for effective targeting of concerns in both isolated and more expanded treatment zones.

What to Expect During and After Treatment

Depending on the device used, patients commonly report feeling mild to moderate tingling sensations and warmth. The duration of the treatment depends on the size and extent of the area being treated but typically ranges from 20 to 45 minutes. After the procedure, you may experience some redness and swelling for a few days and depending on the level of treatment some light skin flaking. An ongoing increase in collagen production and faster cell turnover in the weeks following each treatment will lead to the gradual emergence of brighter, smoother, and more evenly toned skin.

Contact Us for a Consultation

If you are considering laser skin resurfacing, we invite you to request an appointment. During this initial meeting we will review your medical history and assess your skin structure and type. If you are found to be a candidate for treatment, a customized and detailed plan that includes recommendations for the number sessions likely needed to achieve your goals as well as cost information. For individuals with less extensive treatment goals, one or two treatments may provide the desired outcome.

Let us help you unlock your skin’s potential for a healthier and more vibrant appearance. To schedule your laser treatment consultation, contact us today at Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery in Columbus, OH.