How long it is going to take to recover from surgery and get back to work is a big concern for many patients who are considering plastic surgery. Two body contouring procedures that patients generally have the least amount of pain with and, therefore, the quickest recovery is breast lifts and liposuction.

Many patients who have these procedures take almost no pain medication and are generally back to work in just a few days. This is because these procedures generally involve manipulation of soft tissue such as skin, fat and breast tissue. Surgeries on these tissues generally do not create a lot of pain for the patient compared to surgeries that involve work on bone or muscles. In addition, injection of dilute local anesthetic (tumescent fluid) at the time of surgery during liposuction and breast lifts also helps to reduce pain from surgery and does not increase the cost of the procedure.

Many patients see a dramatic decrease in their pain and recovery after surgery when tumescent fluid is placed at the time of surgery and can be done with tummy tucks, breast augmentation, facelifts, arm lifts, thigh lifts and breast reductions as well as liposuction and breast lifts.

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