Many of the procedures, which constitute a mommy makeover, are generally performed after a woman has had all of her children; however, this is not a rule that is etched in stone.

Liposuction is frequently one of those procedures and can be done at almost any time. While it is best to lose as much excess weight as possible before having liposuction, it can be done between pregnancies for those who do not want to wait. Many patients have the attitude that, ‘the longer I wait to have my procedure, the less time I will have to enjoy it.’ That is a perfectly reasonable attitude to have as long as they understand that they want some ‘tweaking’ after having more children.

A breast lift is a common procedure performed during a mommy makeover and breast sagging (ptosis) can become worse with pregnancy and breast feeding. A breast lift can be performed between pregnancies, particularly if the patient is opting for breast implants and the surgeon feels that a lift is necessary. Future pregnancies, however, may alter the final result and, just like liposuction, a touch-up procedure may be desired after another pregnancy.

A tummy tuck is the most common procedure performed during a mommy makeover and is the one surgery that it is most recommended to have after a patient has had all of her children. Many patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery have tummy tucks and it is not uncommon for them to go on to have children in the future. It is surprising in these cases how well their abdomens tend to look after pregnancy as long as their weight gain is not excessive. I have had four relatively recent patients have children after having tummy tucks and each recovered remarkably well.

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