Often we hear or see advertisements for use of a product such as Botox® for injections in certain areas of the face but do not hear from the manufacturing company about its other uses. The FDA will not allow the manufacturers to advertise use of their products in areas for which they are not FDA approved. It does not mean that these products cannot be used for other areas, only that it cannot be advertised. Using a product in this manner in known as an ‘Off-label’ use.

Botox® is FDA approved to treat lines and furrows in the brow area (the ‘elevens’) and for the lines adjacent to the eyes (crow’s feet). Botox® is also commonly used for transverse lines in the forehead, the ‘bunny lines’ on the sides of the nasal bridge and occasionally for lip lines or twitching muscles on the cheeks or chin. It is OK to use Botox® and Dysport® in these areas, however, since they are not FDA approved for these conditions, you will not see advertisements for use in these areas.

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