With the advent of a more health conscious society, more and more patients are losing weight through diet and exercise of weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass surgery.

As a result of losing extra fat, many of these patients find that, although they look better, feel better and are healthier, they now have folds of extra skin that were not there before. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount that the skin can shrink during weight loss and, since there is no muscle in the skin, you can’t exercise it away. To take care of these issues, your friendly neighborhood, board certified plastic surgeon can help.

Most people are familiar with procedures to get rid of extra skin on the abdomen (tummy tuck or abdominoplasty) and breasts (breast lift or mastopexy), fewer are aware that similar procedures exist for the upper arms (arm lift or brachioplasty) and thighs (thigh lift or thighplasty). Each of these can be modified to fit the patient; more extensive procedures where there is a lot of extra skin and smaller surgeries for those who only have a little excess skin.

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