Recommendation of the day: Stay away from ‘quick-fixes.’ The vast majority are filled with a lot more hype than substance. The only thing that most of them do is to quickly remove money from your wallet.

I just had to council yet another patient on the lack of result that she obtained from a surgeon who performed an in the office, quick fix neck lift. Her concern was her sagging jowls, which are simply not addressed with a neck lift; a neck lift focuses on the neck not the cheeks or jowls.

To improve the jaw line, in general, some kind of facelift is required; whether it is a mini-facelift or a full one. Something simply needs to be done above the neck area. Clearly there was a lack of communication between physician and patient as to what area was the primary concern resulting in the wrong procedure being performed. It would have helped had she actually seen a real board certified plastic surgeon rather than falling for the over-advertised quick fix in office ‘weekend’ or ‘lunchtime’ procedure that usually offers a lot more than is delivered.

Do your homework before your surgery; before you spend the time and money. That is something that virtually always pays off.