Today’s emphasis on exercising and being fit is having an effect of the size of breast implants that women are getting. Breast augmentation is as popular as ever and continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons, including Dr. McMahan.

However, women that are runners and who exercise regularly are tending to stay away from large breast implants that can get in the way of performing physical activities. Running, particularly long distance running, can be especially difficult with larger implants causing neck, back and shoulder pain; symptoms that cause women with naturally large breasts to have breast reduction surgery.

Those who already have large implants and have undergone a lifestyle change of losing weight and exercising, often come in to have smaller implants put in. To undergo a noticeable change in size, usually at least a 100cc change in implant size is necessary. It is surprising, however, that many patients who elect to significantly reduce the size of their implants, find that they don’t need to have a breast lift at the same time.

Others find that they have grown breast tissue later in life and feel that they are now too big with their implants. Those with saline implants can have the saline removed as a minor office procedure to help them determine whether they can go without implants or change to a smaller size.

The length of time that the implants have been in has a lot to do with the need for a lift when the implants are either removed or replaced with smaller ones. Those who have implants for a year or less and then change to smaller implants rarely need to have a lift done at the same time unless they had sagging to begin with.

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