The ‘week-end facelift’ or ‘lunchtime facelift’ are simply gimmicks to get you in the office. You find out that it’s going to take longer than they implied and then the real recovery is even longer again. The facelift procedure that just cut out a little skin was outdated 30 years ago. Anyone who performs this type of procedure is performing a wallet-lift, not a facelift. It simply is not going to last.

The same is true with doctors that promote lasers and peels that will supposedly make a big change in your appearance and allow you to look normal in a few hours. In order to make any kind on a significant change in the appearance of your skin, the treatment has to penetrate down to the deeper, living layers of your skin. To do that, always will require a recovery period.

And when you complain that the recovery took too long, don’t worry, they will find a way to blame you for doing something wrong.

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