The ever-expanding marketplace of aesthetic manufacturers develops every year, new techniques, procedures and equipment. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these gadgets and techniques fail to live up to their massive hype and fall by the wayside only to be replaced by new, latest and greatest soon-to-be failures.

To promote these expensive products, unsubstantiated claims by the companies are promoted on the Internet, magazines and television to sell their wares. Shrinking the skin with laser liposuction is one of these unproved claims.

Humans have two layers of fat; one just under the skin called the subcutaneous tissue and the deeper layer that is typically removed or reduced during liposuction procedures. During liposuction surgery, it is critical to leave the superficial layer just under the skin behind; otherwise, indentations, rippled skin and contour irregularities are created that do not go away. As this buffer layer of fat is left behind, it is virtually impossible for any fat removal technique, laser-assisted, ultrasonic or whatever, to get superficial enough to have any effect on the skin and not destroy the critical subcutaneous layer of fat. Therefore, any claim that these liposuction techniques actually shrink the skin is Lie #9 in the Ten Biggest Lies in Plastic Surgery.

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