You might want to grow old gracefully, but there is an endless list of problems related to the aging process that will eventually crop up and alter your appearance. One such issue is pale and brittle eyelashes.

Having long, dark lashes can make you look more expressive and give you a bolder, more confident look. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can work against you to cause your lashes to lose their luster.

What Causes Eyelashes to Become Pale and Brittle?

Aging – The first reason, as mentioned above, is the natural aging process. As you get older, you experience hormonal changes in your body. These can result in an imbalance that affects hair growth on your eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair.

Allergic reactions – Some people may experience an allergic reaction to mascara, which causes their eyelashes to become dull. Also, using mascara causes the eyelashes to harden, and if you don’t remove it before going to bed at night, it can cause them to become brittle.

Rough treatment – If you rub your eyes too much or you’re too rough when removing makeup, your eyes can become irritated and damage the hair follicles. Your eyes are a sensitive area, and you should be gentle when you interact with them.

Eyelash extensions – Eyelash extensions can definitely give your lashes a longer and bolder look, but they can also cause a host of side-effects. These extensions are attached to your eyelid on your natural lashes with the help of medical-grade glue, so when you pull off these false lashes, they can harm your natural lashes by tugging on them. Thus, it is advisable to use an oil-based cleanser first.

Medical conditions – Certain conditions like blepharitis, psoriasis, thyroid problems, and eczema can affect the growth of your eyelashes. You may not notice it at first, but over the course of time, the problem will become more noticeable.

Stress – Experiencing a high amount of stress can adversely affect different aspects of your body, especially hair growth. While the change isn’t immediate, you may notice that your lashes become much thinner with time. There is also an anxiety disorder called trichotillomania, in which people develop a habit of pulling out their eyelashes when under too much stress.

Rejuvenate Your Eyelashes with Latisse

The best way to rejuvenate your eyelashes is with the help of Latisse. This cosmetic treatment is FDA-approved and completely safe. Latisse is a prescription treatment that can help give you darker and fuller eyelashes. It’s designed to be used once a day, typically in the evening, to help give your lashes the boost you desire.

Now, you must be wondering how this works. Well, Latisse is composed of an active ingredient called bimatoprost. This chemical component lengthens the growth phase of your eyelashes and helps to increase the number of lashes produced during the growth phase.

The solution must be applied topically, and you will have to dispose of the applicator you use each time. This is to help keep your eyes safe from infection. Your doctor can provide more details on proper use during a consultation. In as little as a month, you will see a noticeable improvement in the growth of your lashes.

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