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Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery BuildingAt Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery, Inc. we integrate the latest aesthetic surgery technology with traditional cosmetic procedures to provide you with the best opportunity for improvement. Today there is a vast array of information and misinformation available to cosmetic surgery patients. If you're looking for the "latest miracle cure" that you heard about on the news or read about in a magazine, you probably won't find it here. Most of these are hype, unproven and usually ineffective but not inexpensive. We stick to proven, effective treatments; not hocus pocus.

During your initial consultation with Dr. McMahan, the untruths, rumors, and myths of plastic surgery will be dispelled. You will receive a thorough explanation of the procedures you are interested in and get a realistic understanding of your expected results. All of your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. You will receive a packet of information about your procedure and all costs will be outlined. 


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