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Time to see the Final Result from a Chin Implant Columbus OH

In the majority of cosmetic surgery procedures, you see the final result in about three or four months. This is because it takes time for swelling to go down and the tissues to respond to the stresses that have been applied to them from the surgical procedure. With chin implant surgery, there is also the amount of time it takes for the implant to relax into position, which includes some settling into the bone.

Initial Swelling

Initially after a chin augmentation, there is a certain degree of swelling simply from the trauma of the surgery. There is typically more swelling in cases where there is more bleeding after surgery as evidenced by bruising in the area. In most cases, the majority of that swelling goes down within a couple of weeks and at that time you start to get a good idea as to what the final result will look like. However, slight changes will still continue to occur.

Implant Settling

Pressure from the implant will cause the overlying soft tissue to thin out, which takes several weeks to occur. This pressure from the implant also affects the underlying bone and this happens more with silastic implants than it does with porous implants. The implant will settle into the bone two to three millimeters until it reaches its final resting position. This not only reduces some of the projection of the implant but also helps hold it into position. It takes several months for this to occur and once this has happened, you see the final result of a chin implant.

Limit Activities

During this healing process, it is important to avoid any significant trauma to the chin that could affect the position of the implant. This includes participating is certain contact sports such as basketball or football for two to three months after surgery. In general, the implant is relatively within a few weeks of surgery and could tolerate minor trauma without moving out of position, but it takes a few months for it to be able to handle a more serious injury.


Fortunately, the incision for insertion of the implant is placed in an area that is not only difficult to see, but tends to heal with a relatively minimal scar. Although there may be some swelling in the area of the scar due to the trauma of the procedure, this tends to go down very quickly and is generally very visible after a couple of weeks.

Other Changes

Swelling of the chin, lower lip and the area in between us generally fairly minimal and not very noticeable except in patients who get larger implants or have more bleeding and bruising after surgery. Rare patients will have a combination of swelling and stiffness that will actually cause them to temporarily have a slight lisp or talk like they have some dip in their lower lip. As the swelling and the stiffness resolves the lip motion goes back to normal.

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