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The Benefits of a Facelift Procedure Columbus OH

When a facelift is performed by an experienced, well-trained plastic surgeon, it can quite simply take your appearance back several years through improved muscle tone, smoother skin and restoration of good looking facial contours. In essence, a facelift helps to make patients look and feel like a younger version of themselves and not look like someone else.

Natural Look

One of the most desired and attractive benefits of a facelift lies in its ability to tighten loose and sagging skin. However, in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, an overly ambitious facelift can result in giving the patient an unaesthetic ‘pulled’ or permanent windswept look. Most expert and experienced surgeons believe that the tightening of loose and saggy skin gives the best aesthetic results when it is done in conjunction with procedures, which give other structures of the face a younger appearance, as well.

Facelift Evolution

In the past, facelift techniques enabled surgeons to primarily tighten facial skin. However, today’s more advanced and sophisticated techniques give surgeons the opportunity to take care of deeper layers of the face such as the fat, muscles and the subcutaneous muscluo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) which is the tough fascial layer that envelopes the muscles of the face and neck. Hence, in modern facelift techniques, surgeons work on the underlying framework of the face to create a younger appearance prior to shifting their focus to the external layer of the facial skin, which is re-draped over the rejuvenated underlying tissue. As a result of this internal work, the results of the facelift tend to look more natural and last longer.


The most noticeable benefit of a facelift results from the restoration of the facial contour by elevating sagging tissues. Typically, a mid-facelift gives a patient smoother and younger-looking eyelids and cheeks, while a lower facelift will create an attractive jaw line, remove excess jowls and smooth out the neck.

Modern day expert and experienced surgeons take care of the internal structures of the face in unison with the external structures to give excellent and long lasting results from a facelift procedure. These surgeons strive to create a youthful, natural appearance without an ‘operated’ look.


In this era of mass media and advertising, patients can be inundated with commercials advocating proprietary facelifts claiming outstanding results from two hour or less procedures. In these cases, the vast majority of the cost goes to pay for the advertising with the surgeon typically getting 20-25% of the fee. You have to ask yourself, “What kind of plastic surgeon is going to accept such a minimal fee for a cosmetic procedure?” In a two hour case, does the surgeon have time to be meticulous in his or her techniques; take the time to carefully hide the scars and make sure that the best result is obtained for each patient taking into account individual differences, wants and needs? The answer to that question is very obvious. Don’t be fooled by fancy advertising where the photographs of patients have not even had surgery by the surgeon that you are seeing.

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