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Combining a Thigh Lift with Another Procedure Columbus OH

Thigh Lift in Columbus, OhioPatients who have lost a considerable amount of weight, either through diet and exercise or following bariatric surgery, generally have several areas of concern that may require surgery to remove excess folds of skin. It is common to combine more than one procedure to reduce recovery time and time off work. Combining procedures also can reduce the cost of anesthesia and surgical fees.

Post-Bariatric Procedures

Common procedures that are frequently combined with a thigh lift include arm lifts, breast lifts and tummy tucks, which are all standard procedures performed on massive weight loss patients. While any of these can be done at the same time as a thigh lift, because each procedure is at least a couple of hours in length, it is unusual to perform more than two at the same time. Breast implants can also be placed at the same time as a thigh lift and would usually be done in combination with or after a breast lift has been performed.

Facial Plastic Surgery

It is less common to combine a thigh lift with cosmetic facial procedures, but it could certainly be done at the same time as an eyelid surgery, ear pinning surgery, chin implant or rhinoplasty. A full facelift would probably be too much to do at the same time as a thigh lift as both can be long procedures; however, a mini-facelift could be done at the same time as a thighplasty.


Most post-bariatric patients who are having surgery to remove excess skin have already rid themselves of their excess fat pockets. It is not unusual, however, to have some residual unwanted fat that can be removed through liposuction at the time of other cosmetic procedures. The most common area to liposuction at the time of a thighplasty would be the inner thigh area in an effort to 'deflate' the upper, inner thigh and get the smoothest contour possible. This adds little to the cost of the procedure or recovery but will sometimes extend the length of time that the drains are left in.


As post-bariatric patients tend to have several procedures to tighten up their skin after dramatic weight loss, it is not unusual to perform a 'touch-up' surgery on an area that was previously treated at the time of another procedure, such as a thigh lift. Examples include scar revisions, removal of unnatrual folds at the end of long incisions such as a tummy tuck, repositioning a breast implant, putting in larger implants or cinching up an area that has loosened up after surgery.


Your ability to combine procedures into one surgery will depend on which procedures you are interested in, how big you are, how long the procedures will take, your other medical conditions and your surgeon. Safety is always a major concern with major surgeries, particularly when performing more than one in the same setting.

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