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What a Hydrafacial MD™ can do for you Columbus OH

Hydrafacial MD™ in Columbus, OhioA Hydrafacial MD™ is much more than just a facial. In addition to a standard facial, a Hydrafacial MD™ combines microdermabrasion with soft tissue hydration and infusion of antioxidants to give a refreshing, healthy glow to your skin. The Hydrafacial MD™ machine will not be found is a spa as the FDA has ruled that it can only be used in a physicians office.

Hydrafacial MD™ Candidates

Even the most sensitive skin easily tolerates Hydrafacial MD MD™ treatments because it is designed for all skin types including thinning, aging, dry or oily skin as well as ethnic skin types. However, those individuals who have been treated with Accutane (a prescription drug used to treat severe acne) within the past 12 months, those with skin infections, such as Herpes Simplex, or with a history of problems associated with skin healing are not suitable candidates for this treatment. Treatments should not be performed within 10 days of a laser treatment, such as Laser Hair Removal or Fraxel Laser, or waxing as well as within seven days post injections such as fillers and neurotoxins.

Your Consultation

Following a consultation, specific treatment serums will be used to the treatment of your unique skin condition and needs. The Hydrafacial MD™ treatment is very effective at improving the complexion of the skin. Of course, for very deep lines, wrinkles and skin color changes, other more invasive treatments may be required. Dr. McMahan and Jenna will assess this at the time of your evaluation.


The treatment is usually painless and does not irritate the skin. The treatment is often described as feeling like "a cool paintbrush moving over the face". All patients will experience some slight tightness, which we like, as well as minor redness which may last for a couple of hours following the treatment. The use of the GlySal™ Peel may however prolong any redness.

Lasting Results

The results will depend on the condition of your skin. Many people report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant tone after just one treatment with the results and skin hydration lasting between 5-7 days and sometimes longer. This makes it an ideal on and off treatment for a special occasion or a '"freshen up". Others with more marked skin texture changes may require a second or even a series of treatments to see noticeable improvements. The Hydrafacial MD™ treatment is also great for maintenance treatments after laser treatments, such as Fraxel Laser, or a Facelift. It is also good to help prolong the time in between injections such as Botox®, Juvederm® and other fillers or neurotoxins.

Treatment Series

In general, for improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and oily skin or are areas of color patchiness, we generally recommend a series of 5-6 treatments done every 1-3 weeks, with a series of ongoing maintenance treatment every 2-8 weeks. A treatment program will, of course, be customized on the individual skin requirements and your goals. Isolated Hydrafacial MD™ treatments can be done just prior to a big event such as a wedding or reunion for a refreshed look; however, best results are obtained with a series of treatments.

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