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There are Many Benefits of Post-Bariatric Surgery Columbus OH

The benefits of post-bariatric surgery depend on which procedures you choose to have. To start with, there are numerous paybacks from the weight loss without any additional surgery. These include medical benefits of lowering your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes among other conditions.

Possibly the only detriment to weight loss is that the skin is not able to shrink back enough to fit, what is now, a normal sized body. As a result, there is usually a considerable amount of excess skin on the arms, legs, abdomen and breasts.


During a tummy tuck, a considerable amount of excess skin is removed, the muscle is tightened to flatten the abdomen and the belly button is repositioned to a new opening in the skin. The benefits of this include a flatter stomach with no more folds of skin and a smoother contour. Getting rid of the lower skin pouch can eliminate rashes that can occur in skin folds and is the reason that some insurance companies may cover a portion of a tummy tuck known as a panniculectomy.

Circumferential tummy tucks, also known as lower body lifts, also benefit the lateral thighs and buttocks by eliminating excess skin in those areas and providing somewhat of a lift.


Both men and women may suffer from sagging breasts after significant weight loss. A breast lift can be performed to put the breasts back on the chest and elevate the nipple/areola complex, which may include reducing the size of the areola. In men, excess breast tissue (gynecomastia) is often removed as well to decrease the size of the breasts. Some women may want the opposite so implants may be placed at the same time as the lift to increase breast size.

Arm Lift

During an arm lift or brachioplasty, excess skin from the inner side of the upper arms is removed to eliminate sagging, reduce the circumference of the upper arm and improve the contour. Often times, the skin removed will include the entire hair bearing area of the armpit and extend down the side of the chest. The scars are generally well hidden along the medial aspect of the arm and may extend past the elbow crease.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is also known as a thighplasty and is most commonly performed on patients who have lost a tremendous amount of weight. Benefits include elimination of loose saggy skin on the upper inner thighs, abolition of the medial thigh bulges rubbing together when walking, tightening of loose skin and improved shape and contour of the thighs.  A medial thigh lift treats only the upper innermost aspect of the thighs with a hidden scar in the groin crease but does not improve the remainder of the thigh. A standard thigh lift treats a much bigger area at the expense of a long scar that runs down the inner aspect of the thigh down to and sometimes past the knee.

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