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Dysport® (pronounced: dis-port) is a neurotoxin that is commonly used by plastic surgeons to treat facial wrinkles. It is FDA approved for the treatment of dynamic lines between the eyebrows and upper nose but is frequently used for other facial lines as an ‘off-label’ use.

Dysport® has been available in Europe for almost a decade and has been available for cosmetic use in the United States for several years. It is the second form of Botulinum Toxin made available in the US for the temporary reduction or elimination of facial dynamic lines.

Dynamic Lines

Dysport® injections work well for patients who are displeased with ‘dynamic lines’ caused by facial muscle contraction, especially on the upper face. The treatment can be altered to leave some muscle motion after the injections or it can be done more aggressively to decrease the lines as much as possible.

Dysport’s® Advantage

One advantage that Dysport® has over other available neurotoxins is that it’s onset of action is faster with many patients seeing reduction in their lines within 24 hours while most of the other existing products take two to three days for the effects to be noticed.


Dysport® is truly a ‘lunchtime’ treatment where you can have it done and usually go out into the public immediately with little to no evidence that you had anything done. One obvious risk to any type of injection is bruising which is why we recommend that you avoid taking any medication that can thin your blood for two weeks before getting injectable treatments. This includes aspirin, vitamin E, fish oil and most over-the –counter anti-inflammatory drugs. For a complete list of medications to avoid, contact our office.

Post-Treatment Instructions

It is important for the product to stay were it is injected so that it doesn’t leak into unintended muscles such as the ones that raise the eyelids which can result in a droopy lid. For this reason, you should not rub the area where the injections are done or perform any strenuous activities for several hours after the treatment. It is also advisable to not wear a firm-fitting hat for that time period as well.


On the average, most patients say that they result lasts around three and a half months when is starts to wear off. There is no truth to the rumor that your lines are worse after it wears off; they go back to what they were before your treatment. Many patients will schedule their next injection for 14 weeks after their treatment to ‘keep on top of’ their wrinkles while others will wait until they start to see motion again to come in.

‘Off-Label” Use

Dysport® is FDA approved the lines between the brows and on the upper aspect of the nose as well as certain medical conditions but is commonly use as an ‘off-label’ product to treat lines on the forehead and crow’s feet near the temples that appear when smiling. It is likely that other indications will also become available in the near future.

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