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Combine Other Surgeries with your Breast Augmentation Columbus OH

In the field of cosmetic surgery, it is very common to have additional procedures performed at the same time as having breast implants inserted.

The most frequent additional surgeries include breast lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks. In addition, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and ear pinning surgery are performed with a breast augmentation as well.

Cost Benefits

It is important that patients know that it is more cost effective and beneficial to have two or more procedures done under the same anesthetic, because the most expensive part of the anesthesia and facility fees are for the first hour. Following that, additional time taken is less costly as ‘add on’ fees are typically significantly lower than the first hour costs. Hence, by combining procedures, patients can expect to save over thousands, depending on the procedures performed. Furthermore, it can be very beneficial for patients to go through one recovery period rather than two or three recovery periods as it means less time off of work or less vacation time used.


Patients who solely undergo a breast augmentation procedure can expect to get back to their normal work routines in about one week. However, they should take care to avoid activities in their daily lives that might include lifting heavy things and other strenuous behavior for two to three weeks. Those who combine breast augmentation with another procedure can alter their recovery time to some degree. Smaller surgeries such as most liposuction procedures, a breast lift or smaller facial operations generally do little to alter recovery from a breast augmentation. On the other hand, combining breast implant surgery with larger procedures such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift will increase the time off from exercising or performing strenuous activities and will also likely add to time off from work.

Follow Instructions Closely

In order to provide their patients with an ideal recovery time, plastic surgeons typically use the knowledge of the patients’ medical history and take into account of their personal needs. The cosmetic surgeon further offers precise and detailed guidelines to patients to follow in order to facilitate a breast augmentation recovery time that is as quick as possible. Patients should be mindful to adhere to their surgeon’s directions very closely to get the results that they desire and expect.

Paying close attention to the list of medications to avoid for two weeks before surgery in an effort to reduce bruising and bleeding can help to reduce recovery time. More bleeding after surgery generally means more bruising, more swelling and more pain. Taking your prescribed medications after surgery can also affect recovery time. Those who over-medicate themselves with narcotics tend to have more problems with constipation and generally do not get up and move as much after surgery, which can result in blood clots forming in their legs; a potentially very serious condition. Under medicating can also be a problem as it is hard to be up and around when you are in a lot of pain.

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