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Having a tattoo removed and am very happy with Dr. McMahan. Always on time, very friendly and the results are more than I expected. The office staff was friendly and always helpful. Compared to others, his prices are very reasonable. If you think you made a mistake by getting a tattoo, Dr. McMahan is the doctor to see.

~ Cheryl

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Tattoo art has become a very popular form of personal expression among both men and women. However, these "permanent" choices are sometimes made in haste, or life circumstances change. Statistically, about 50 percent of individuals with a tattoo wish to have it removed some point later in life. Fortunately, partial and full tattoo removal can be safely performed at Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery.

The two primary methods of tattoo remediation are:

Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is by far the most popular method for eliminating body ink. The laser device produces brief pulses of intense light. As the light strikes the tattooed skin it is absorbed by pigment in the ink. The energy released by this light shatters the tattoo pigment into granules. Once fragmented, much of the pigment is harmlessly removed by the body's immune system. The precise focus of the laser ensures that only the targeted pigment of the tattooed area is affected. There is typically minimal or no change in the surrounding skin.

Removal of a tattoo cannot be completed in one laser session. Normally multiple treatments are necessary to eradicate all traces of ink.

A revolutionary new tattoo removal laser is now available. Dr. James McMahan uses the PicoSure® unit for faster deletion of black, blue, and green inks. This device pulses more quickly than previous lasers resulting in finer fragmentation of ink particles for more efficient removal of most tattoos.

Illustration of traditional laser tattoo removal and Picosure

Surgical Excision

There is one advantage of tattoo removal by surgical excision, compared to laser treatment. In many cases, the tattoo can be eliminated in a single session. The disadvantage, however, is that the tattoo is replaced with a linear scar that is generally longer than the original inked area.

Surgical excision can be a viable option for a relatively small tattoo located in a region with sufficient loose skin that allows for primary closure of the incision. This method is usually administered in an office operating room using only local anesthesia.

Dr. McMahan has advanced training and is quite experienced in laser assisted cosmetic treatments. He has been achieving excellent results since 1990, and has performed thousands of successful laser tattoo removal procedures.

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