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Reduce Facial Lines with Dysport® Injections Columbus OH

Dysport® is a neurotoxin used to temporarily reduce wrinkles primarily on the forehead, brows and crows feet area.

FDA Approval

Dysport injections in Columbus, OhioThe first neurotoxin approved by the FDA was Botox® Cosmetic in 2002 for treating the frown lines between the brows, an area known as the glabella. Dysport® was the second drug to achieve FDA approval int he United States in 2009 having previously received FDA indication for treatment of spastic neck muscles. It's approval was a welcome addition to the neurotoxin market, which Allergan had a monopoly on for seven years; raising it's prices every year until Dysport® became available.

Unit Dosage

Like Botox®, Dysport® comes freeze-dried in a small glass vial and must be reconstituted with sterile saline prior to injection. While Botox® comes with 100 units per vial, Dysport® has 300 units per bottle, however, the units are not comparable. On average, approximately 18-20 units of Botox® suffice for treating unwanted dynamic lines in an area such as the glabella while 50-60 units of Dysport® is required for the same effect.

Areas Treated

Unwanted frown lines between the brows was the first area to received and FDA indication for neurotoxin treatment and it remains the most popular area requested. The crow's feet area or temples is probably the second most common area for injections to treat the creases that occur upon smiling. The transverse lines in the forehead are the third most requested area for neurotoxin treatment of lines, however, treating this area may result in lowering of the eyebrows. While no product is currently FDA approved for injecting into the forehead, treating forehead lines is allowed as an off-label use of the product.

Dysport® Risks

The risk of Dysport® injections mirrors those for Botox®. Bruising is the first risk and is most common in the temples. It helps to avoid products like aspirin that can cause blood thinning for about two weeks prior to any injection treatment. As mentioned above, treating the transverse lines of the forehead can cause lowering of the brows and this potential side effect must be weighed against reducing the lines. Of greatest concern is then the product moves away from the intended muscle into an adjacent muscle causing unwanted weakening of that muscle. To avoid Dysport® moving from the glabella into the upper eyelid causing a temporary droop, it is recommended that you avoid rubbing that area or performing strenuous activity for at least three hours after a neurotoxin injection.

Onset of Action

One advantage that Dysport® may have over Botox® is a more rapid onset of action. While Botox® generally take two to three days to see an effect, many patients note that they see Dysport® start to work in 24 hours. There does not seem to be much of a difference in how long the effect of the two products last. Dr. McMahan has been performing cosmetic facial injections in Columbus, Ohio since 1990 and has been injecting neurotoxins since their initial FDA approval in 2002.

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