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Virtually all women want natural looking, thick, long, dark eyelashes. Let's face it, mascara only helps so much and can be messy and extensions does not always look natural. You can get longer, thicker and darker eyelashes that look completely natural by using Latisse® at night.


Latisse® was not initially developed for the purpose of growing longer eyelashes. The generic product, bimatoprost has been used for many years to help patients with glaucoma reduce their intraocular pressure and preserve their eyesight. After time, it was noted that many of these patients were growing longer eyelashes. Eventually, FDA approval was granted to allow it to be used for exactly that purpose and Latisse® was born!


Latisse® is applied at night with fine brushes that are supplied with the product after washing your face. It is placed on the skin at the base of the eyelashes and should only be put on the upper eyelids, not the lower lids. Only a very small amount is necessary to obtain results and overuse only wastes it making you run out faster.

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Eyelash Growth

The majority of patient who use Latisse® will gradually grow eyelashes that are thicker, darker and longer than their natural eyelashes. However, it takes time to work and some patients take longer to respond than others. On average, it takes two to three months to obtain maximum benefit from using Latisse®, but if you stop using it, you go back to what you had before.

Variable Results

Although it is somewhat unusual, some patients will see very little change with using Latisse®. If you do not see a change within three months of religious nightly use, it is unlikely that you will benefit from continuing to apply it. On the other hand, some get such dramatic eyelash growth that they are forced to trim their lashes on occasion or use their Latisse® less frequently; a nice problem to have!

Change in Eye Color?

Some patients love the idea of longer thicker eyelashes but are reluctant to start it because of the concern that it might change the color of their eyes. Bimatoprost used as a drop in the eye to treat glaucoma can infrequently result in a slight change in the color of greenish eyes to a slightly grey color. As a result, when Allergan got approval to use it for growing lashes, the FDA required them to put it as a warning on the product insert with Latisse®. I have never heard of anyone in Columbus, OH having a change in eye color with using Latisse® nor am I aware of it happening anywhere else.

Helpful Hints

It is recommended for you to use one brush on one side and another on the other side in an effort to avoid the spread of an eye infection. By using two brushes with each application, you will use more product. Most people know whether or not they have an eye infection because of pain, redness or eye irritation; therefore, if you are not having these symptoms, you should be able to use only one brush.

If you get 'excess' eyelash growth, we recommend that you cut back and sue it every other or every third day to maintain your lash growth but no waste the product.

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