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Benefits of a Rhinoplasty Surgery Columbus OH

A rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nasal surgery, offers many aesthetic and functional benefits to patients. Through a rhinoplasty, alterations can be made to the nasal bridge, tip, and/or nostrils while the size of the nose can also be enhanced or reduced. Damage caused to the nose through injuries can also be treated and corrected with a rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic Benefits

The most attractive benefits of rhinoplasty surgery are aesthetic in nature. As a result of a successful nose surgery, patients can be given an aesthetically enhanced facial balance particularly in cases where the size or shape of the nose does not fit their other features or when they view their nose as a cosmetic detraction to their appearance.

One of the most vital factors that determine an aesthetically pleasing face is balance. Through rhinoplasty surgery, experienced cosmetic surgeons can correct facial asymmetry resulting in a more attractive aesthetic look to the patient’s face.

A rhinoplasty can further help a patient aesthetically by altering different parts of the nose. For example, a board certified and talented rhinoplasty surgeon can make very subtle or quite prominent changes to the bridge and tip of the nose and/or make the nostrils narrower or wider to make a patient’s face look more aesthetically pleasing.

Functional Benefits

Even though most people think of a rhinoplasty primarily as a cosmetic procedure, it is also performed by surgeons to open the airway passages and improve their nasal airway. By opening the nasal passages, patients can breathe better, snoring may be reduced and the ability to smell and taste food can be enhanced. In some cases where breathing is improved at night, sleep apnea can be improved. This portion of rhinoplasty surgery is often covered by insurance and can be done at the same time as a cosmetic procedure to reduce costs and allow the patient to go through a single recovery. Prior authorization from the insurance carrier before surgery is required to guarantee coverage.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Patients who have undergone a previous nasal procedure may decide to go through a second procedure if they are not completely satisfied with the original result; this is known as a secondary rhinoplasty. These cases are often considerably more difficult to perform than the first procedure because of internal scarring, loss of cartilage, damaged cartilage and other unforeseen issues created by the initial surgery.

It is imperative in these cases to thoroughly discuss your concerns with your surgeon to make sure he or she is comfortable with accomplishing your goals. It is sometimes beneficial to obtain the operative record from the first surgery as this may help your new surgeon know what to expect to find during your secondary procedure and avoid surprises.

Cartilage Grafts

In some rhinoplasty surgeries, it is necessary to augment or reinforce certain segments of the nasal cartilage in order to obtain the desired result. Most often this cartilage is taken from the nasal septum; however, sometimes there is not enough cartilage present so it may be taken from one or both ears if necessary.

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