Patient Testimonials ~ Columbus, Ohio

"Physicians are not all created equal, and Dr. McMahan is truly very talented. I saw him first 13 years ago, and I have since gone back for two more procedures. I have never had anyone say anything but compliments of his work. He provides beautiful aesthetics and quality clinical care.  Practical and straightforward, he is the only plastic surgeon I would trust my family to. He has also performed procedures on four other women I know, and we all share the same sentiments. His staff is extremely kind, organized and they have been there for years...all signs of a good practice!


"He is such an amazing surgeon and has done phenomenal job on my breast augmentation and really listens to what you want and need!!! Ive went to him twice now and wouldnt go anywhere else! His staff is absolutely amazing too!!!"


"I recently had a Mini Face Lift and although it's only been three weeks I fell and look great. Dr. McMahan is the only Dr. I will ever go to. I had breast implants 11 yrs ago, and if my husband would keep his mouth shut no one, but family members would ever know. Dr. McMahan is awesome, he is honest and doesn't pressure you about anything. The staff is so down to earth and super nice. I highly, highly recommend this place"


" Dr. McMahan made sure to answer all of my questions accordingly and had the most upbeat personality of any other specialist I've met. He's highly qualified in what he does and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go elsewhere. He spent almost an hour with me to make sure I was comfortably consoled. He's great!"

"Everyone at Dr. McMahan's office was so kind and helpful. Erin was wonderful about getting me in to see Dr. McMahan whenever I needed to. Dr. McMahan and his staff are caring, professional, and extremely competent. I look forward to working with them in the near future."

"After a multiple birth pregnancy and a second pregnancy (both C-sections), my tummy was never the same.  No matter how much dieting or exercise I did over the years, I still carried excess loose skin in my lower abdomen are above my C-section scars. My decision to have a tummy tuck was made after much consideration.  Dr. McMahan, his wonderful staff, and the professionals int he surgery center helped me through every step of the journey; and I am so very pleased with my resulting flat and smooth tummy.  The first consultation was honest and informative so I knew what to expect and what my end result would be.  His caring bedside manner made me feel comfortable and confident on the day of surgery.  If I called with a question or concern, Dr. McMahan would personally get back to me to discuss the matter.  My end result was even better than anticipated as he was able to remove more excess skin than he originally thought was possible.  You are in great hands with Dr. McMahan!"


"I appreciated that she [Jenna, aesthetician] changed products as needed based upon my skin and didn't just give me a cookie cutter experience."

"Loved the Dr, staff at office and surgery center. Very positive experience for me"

"I was pleasantly surprised at he amount of time that Dr. McMahan spent with my husband and me. We talked things through until we were all satisfied that we were on the same page and all understood what I wanted and what was reasonable to expect. Not once did I feel pressure to move quickly through my appointment."

"I was referred to Dr McMahan because my doctor was on vacation and I had an emergency. His care was incredible. From our initial conversation to the procedure 2 days later he was outstanding. He showed caring and concern for my situation and even called me the night of my procedure to check on me. A couple of weeks later I had an issue and he was equally concerned. He also called to follow up and check on me. I highly recommend Dr. McMahan and will go to him for additional procedures in the future."

"I came in for tattoo removal and left feeling pretty amazing. I had questions re: Restylane and Botox and Dr. McMahan took the time to explain these things to me and how they work. I went through with it and left very happy...sore..but happy! :)"

"I have seen other doctors before regarding Botox and Dr. McMahan is the first to ever really take the time to talk to me and explain in depth how the procedures work and why. I would highly recommend him to my colleagues, friends, and family."

"He is just an awesome doctor with a great bedside manner. He did not act standoffish or like I was wasting his time with questions I asked. There should be more doctors in this world with his abilities."

"The ENTIRE staff is very proffessional and with a great sense of humor which is enjoyable and relaxing :)"

“As my husband is a physician in Columbus, I have an advantage when selecting my physicians. He knows who the best is. When I told him that I was interested in cosmetic surgery, he strongly recommended that I go to Dr. McMahan. My consultation, surgery and recovery were better than I could have ever imagined. I have recommended Dr. McMahan to several close friends and they all have had the same experience that I had. Obviously, I highly recommend Dr. McMahan.”

-Adele, Columbus

“My experience with Dr. McMahan and his office staff was great. The results of the surgery were exactly what I was hoping for. His knowledge base and bedside manner are exceptional. The initial consultation is thorough and all my questions were answered. I had three consultations before I decided to have Dr. McMahan do my surgery. I had a breast lift with augmentation, circumferential abdominoplasty, and liposuction. I am 55 years old. I felt that the preop and postop education I was given was right on target and I had no surprises along the way. His pricing is competitive with the other surgeons I consulted. I will be going back to Dr. McMahan for all my future work. Incidentally, I had made the mistake of seeing a dermatologist for abd lipo a few years ago. My abdomen was a mess afterward. Lumpy, bumpy, and baggy. It is now flat as a board. I couldn’t be happier. I am recommending Dr. McMahan to all my friends!!!”

-Kathy, Hilliard

“Having a tattoo removed and am very happy with Dr. McMahan. Always on time, very friendly and the results are more than I expected. The office staff was friendly and always helpful. Compared to others, his prices are very reasonable. If you think you made a mistake by getting a tattoo, Dr. McMahan is the doctor to see.”

-Cheryl, Columbus

"Closest thing to the fountain of youth. His staff is very friendly and helpful/flexible with scheduling your surgery as well as appointments. The doctor gives an honest opinion of what results you can expect from having surgery. He did not cut corners with me, and just stuff in over-sized breast implants, when I got a much better result from having a breast lift.  I have my body back after two C-sections and nursing. I am happy that I did not wait any longer; I can enjoy my body now."   

-Kathleen, Columbus

 "After nursing three children, my ‘girls’ were pointing south. I saw four plastic surgeons but didn’t like what I heard from any of them until I met with Dr. McMahan. He was the only doctor that really listened to me and gave me the answers that I was looking for. I had almost no pain with my surgery and I was back to work in three days! My ‘girls’ are happy again and so am I. Thank you, Dr. McMahan."

-Denise, Columbus

"Being in the medical field, I wasn’t going to just anyone for my facelift. Dr McMahan’s credentials and reputation are outstanding compared to other plastic surgeons I was considering. I was so relaxed going into surgery because I knew that I had made the right choice. I look at least twenty years younger and no one can see my scars. When I go out with my daughter, people think that I’m her sister and I love it! No one but Dr. McMahan will ever touch my face."

Jayne, Worthington

 " I spent forever trying to find the right doctor to perform my breast implant surgery. Dr. McMahan came very highly recommended by my doctor and two of my nurse friends. I knew I made the right choice during my consultation. No other doctor spent nearly as much time with me as Dr. McMahan did. He answered all my questions and helped me pick the perfect size of implants. My surgery was a breeze and now I’m HOT again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Angela, Dublin

"I had 'Smart-lipo' on my stomach by another doctor in Columbus and it was a disaster! Later I found out the doctor wasn’t a real plastic surgeon. I wasn’t going to fall for any more gimmicks. I really did my homework this time to find the right plastic surgeon to help me and Dr. McMahan was the only one that passed all my tests. His liposuction procedure was so much easier and he magically cured my tummy. Dr. McMahan is the only plastic surgeon I will ever trust."

- Susan, Grove City

“After three pregnancies and two C-sections, no amount of exercise could get rid of my excess skin and tummy bulge. I chose Dr. McMahan after seeing many other doctors because my consultation with him was by far the most thorough. My recovery was much easier than I expected and I’ve lost two dress sizes. I can actually wear a bikini again. Thank you Dr. McMahan!”

-  Laura, Columbus.

"Dr. McMahan, thank you for my new eyelids. I can’t believe how easy it was! My hoods and bags have miraculously disappeared. At my high school reunion I looked 20 years younger than everyone else. (OK, the Fraxel laser helped as well) My only regret is that I didn’t have it done years ago.”

- Mary, Columbus

“I highly recommend Dr. McMahan. His consultation for my Breast Augmentation and mini-tummy tuck was very thorough and considerate of my concerns. My end result is better than I thought it would be. He did more to make sure it was done right. My recovery for both procedures was fantastic and timely. I would recommend Dr. McMahan to anyone!”

- Wendy

“Dr. McMahan changed my life! I had no idea how self-conscious I was about my ears sticking out. He did the surgery in his office with just a local anesthetic and the recovery was only a few days. My results look completely natural with no visible scars. It is amazing how much better I feel about myself.”

- Tom, Columbus

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my breast implants and liposuction that Dr. McMahan performed on me. I wanted to get rid of unwanted bulges in my thighs that would not go away with exercise and he did that. I am also much happier with my breast size, I went from a 36A to a 36C, not too big but just good enough to wear things I could not wear before and to make things look nicer on me.

- Angie

“I had a mini-tummy tuck done by another plastic surgeon in Columbus and was unhappy that I still had a large bulge below my belly button. I got a referral to see Dr. McMahan and after looking at me, he felt that my muscles had not been tightened as much as they needed to be. He did another mini-tummy tuck on me (for less money than it cost me the first time!) and my stomach is perfectly flat now with hardly any scarring. I am thrilled with my results and only wish that I had seen Dr. McMahan first!”

- Tammy

I traveled two and half hours to see him and I was not disappointed. The incisions were done so well they were invisible. I have always felt if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good. Thank you Dr. McMahan.”


What an honest, caring, wonderful physician. Thank you Dr. McMahan.”

- Valerie

“I was what they call a “Doctor shopper.” I wanted breast augmentation and wanted the best surgeon that I could find. I saw several surgeons that were recommended to me by friends but didn’t feel comfortable with most of them and was not very happy with the consultations. Once I saw Dr. McMahan, I knew I had the right doctor. He spent so much more time with me than any of the other doctors and answered all of my questions. He allowed me to help make the decision about the type and size of implants which some of the other doctors wouldn’t allow. My surgery went great and I was off of pain medication in less than two days even though they were put under the muscle. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation, see Dr. McMahan.”


“I had liposuction of my stomach by a doctor in Columbus that I thought was a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my homework. It turns out he wasn’t even a real surgeon but I was fooled by all of the diplomas and certificates. I think a lot of them were fake. What I really needed was a tummy tuck because of the extra skin after having three kids but that wasn’t even offered to me. Dr. McMahan did my tummy tuck and now I look soooooooooo much better! I won’t make that mistake again.”

- Rachel

“Dr. McMahan took a lot of fat off my body and made me sexy again with a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I love this doctor and I never knew any other doctor to take out as much fat as this one. Highly recommended!”

- Dawn



“I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 135 pounds. I had a TON of extra skin. Dr. McMahan did a tummy tuck combined with a lower body lift on me and I look great! It was so much easier than I had expected. Now I’m going back to get “the girls” lifted.”

-  Jan

“I cannot give a higher recommendation to Dr. McMahan and his staff. Cathy and Grace are absolutely terrific! The atmosphere in his office is comfortable, relaxed and very enjoyable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

-  Betty

“I had breast augmentation by another surgeon in Columbus and have had nothing but problems. I got Dr. McMahan’s name from a friend who made the same mistake that I did. He took care of her first and then I got in to see him as fast as I could. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Both of us now look terrific but could have saved thousands if we had seen Dr. McMahan first.”


“I got fed up with everyone telling me how tired I looked. I went to Dr. McMahan and had my eyelids done in the office. It was quick and easy with hardly any pain after surgery. What a great experience!”


“I’m lucky. I had “inside information” on who to see for my tummy tuck and breast implants because of my friends who work at the surgery center. They all said that Dr. McMahan was their first choice and now I know why. I couldn’t be happier with my results and it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had expected. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in plastic surgery in central Ohio see Dr. McMahan.”


“I have been married for over 20 years and since having children, I refused to let even my husband see me without a shirt on. To say that my breasts were sagging is such an understatement. Dr. McMahan performed a breast lift on me and now I’m almost an exhibitionist. I am so happy and proud of my new breasts that I want everyone to know about it. The best part is that I had absolutely no pain after surgery. I was back to normal in just a few days. It is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Thank you Dr. McMahan!”

Carolyn, Columbus

“I saw Dr. McMahan after two friends had their surgery with him and were both thrilled with their results. My breast augmentation by another doctor gave me one giant hard uni-breast. They looked like a dumbbell with two nipples. He replaced my implants and repositioned them where they belong. Now I look normal and they are much softer. Now I know how important is to see the right doctor before having surgery.”


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