Post-bariatric Surgery Procedures Can Enhance Your Body's Definition ~Columbus, Ohio

Bariatric Surgery Columbus - Post Bariatric Surgery Case 1 before surgeryA patient who has undergone major weight loss due to bariatric surgery may be left with excessive loose skin in different parts of the body. This is when the post bariatric surgery can be used to remove the excessive skin, re-contour the body and make the body appear youthful and rejuvenated. 

Sagging or drooping skin cannot be tightened merely by diet or exercise. Surgery is the only way to get the desired results in such a case. The plastic surgeon will use body lift and body sculpting techniques to put the patient back in shape after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Columbus - Post Bariatric Surgery Case 1 after surgeryBariatric surgery should ideally always be followed by cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin. In the absence of such a cosmetic procedure, the whole purpose of undergoing weight loss and achieving a youthful appearance gets compromised. The excessive folds and wrinkles in the skin will cause physical discomfort such as skin irritation, preventing the person from fully experiencing the joy of a lighter body and a younger looking personality. 

Bariatric Surgery Columbus - Post Bariatric Surgery Case 2 before surgeryPost bariatric surgery may not only include skin excision, but may also include other body contouring procedures. A patient may still require a liposuction, tummy tuck or body lift after having undergone the weight loss surgery. Such plastic surgery techniques will help re-shape and enhance the bodily appearance after weight loss. 

Bariatric Surgery Columbus - Post Bariatric Surgery Case 2 after surgerySometimes a person may achieve sudden weight loss, not through bariatric surgery, but through dieting and vigorous exercise. This can potentially result in sagging or drooping skin. A body lift procedure in such a condition is a good way to rejuvenate the body and make the appearance more aesthetically pleasing. 

The kind of procedures or techniques that may be chosen as a part of post-bariatric surgery will depend on the quantum of weight loss and the areas where excess skin is located. Considering these factors, the plastic surgeon may opt for one or more of the following procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Arm Lift
  • Thigh Lift
  • Buttock Lift
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Augmentation

Dr. James McMahan is one of the leading plastic surgeons with extensive experience in performing post bariatric procedures. There are thousands of satisfied patients who have achieved their desired results with Dr. McMahan’s treatment. 

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