Find out if You Are a Post-Bariatric Surgery Candidate ~Columbus, Ohio

woman in low-cut dress holding chest>Patients who have had bariatric surgery for massive weight loss frequently seek to have excess skin removed after they have lost the majority of their excess weight.

The best candidates for post-bariatric surgery are those who have a positive attitude towards plastic surgery, have lost the majority of their excess weight, have stabilized their weight and are otherwise healthy.

A positive attitude is always helpful going into any kind of surgery and aesthetic procedures are no different. This also includes realistic expectations as to the final result of their surgery.

Those who have lost the majority of their excess weight are better candidates than those who still have a lot of weight to lose because more skin can generally be removed and the surgeon can concentrate on repairing the areas that need the most work as opposed to trying to anticipate which areas will need more correction after the additional weight is lost. They are also less likely to require additional or touch-up procedures.

Those post-bariatric patients who have stabilized their weight after getting down to an appropriate size are better candidates for surgery because their nutritional status has stabilized and they are generally in a positive nitrogen balance. This is the best indicator as to how well the patient will heal after surgery and may be evaluated by a blood test prior to cosmetic surgery.

Patients who have spent a considerable part of their lives obese have a higher risk of certain medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease which increase the risk of complications with surgery. Fortunately, some of these conditions can be reversed with significant weight loss and the longer their Body Mass Index (BMI) is below thirty, the healthier they are and the lower their risk of surgery.

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