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Rhinoplasty Columbus Ohio - Rhinoplasty before treatment As my husband is a physician in Columbus, I have an advantage when selecting my physicians. He knows who the best is. When I told him that I was interested in cosmetic surgery, he strongly recommended that I go to Dr. McMahan. My consultation, surgery and recovery were better than I could have ever imagined. I have recommended Dr. McMahan to several close friends and they all have had the same experience that I had. Obviously, I highly recommend Dr. McMahan. 

~ Adele

Your nose gets its shape from the cartilage and bones underneath the skin. In the past, people were stuck with the nose they were born with. But the case is not so in the present day. With years of experience under his belt, Dr. McMahan offers his clients procedures that can re-shape the nose. These procedures use cutting edge technology and the latest techniques in plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Columbus Ohio - Rhinoplasty after treatmentDuring the rhinoplasty or ‘nose job,’ Dr. McMahan lifts the skin off your nose and then re-shapes the nose by shaving down the bone with a rasp, or honing down the nose cartilage with a scalpel. 

If there are sections of cartilage that are distorted, he will rectify their shape with permanent suturing or by a method known as ‘scoring,’ which refers to partial thickness cuts. If necessary, cartilage grafting is also performed to transform the nose aesthetically and provide fresh support for the new structure.

There are occasions when Dr. McMahan uses a chisel to gently fracture the nose bones to straighten them or narrow the dorsum (the top of the nose). In some instances, obstruction to the nasal airways is also rectified during a rhinoplasty. This procedure can be covered by insurance too.

Scarring is to be expected, but a very fine line between the nostrils will account for the incision used for open rhinoplasty. There can also be a scar where the outer nostril joins the cheek, depending on the extent of surgery performed. However, the largest number of the scars are inside the nostrils and so, quite invisible. 

The amount of pain is surprisingly lower than many patients anticipate. Using cold packs and keeping the head elevated greatly reduce discomfort, and generally only a few doses of medications are necessary. A splint is usually placed for about a week after surgery, and packing is only required if the nasal bones are broken or the procedure is more complex than average. 

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