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What is Glow Forward®? Columbus OH

Advanced Aesthetic and Laser Surgery is pleased to announce that we are now providing the new Glow Forward® by MyBody® Skin Care. This next-generation therapeutic treatment mask is available as a weekly at-home exfoliation treatment or as a relaxing in-office facial. Jenna can also combine Glow Forward® with Probiotic Youthboost®, Microdermabrasion, or Dermaplanning.

This 2-part mask is an instant brightening treatment that will fuse probiotics and biomimetic plant-derived enzyme technology into your skin. This stimulates your skin’s own regenerative activities to give you a noticeably healthy, youthful complexion. Thermal heat-infusion happens as a catalase enzyme transforms hydrogen peroxide and free radicals into a powerful blast of oxygen and water. This will help to wake up, de-stress and re-oxygenate your epidermis.

What makes Glow Forward® so special?

  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • It is a great treatment for all skin types, including acne
  • A blast of pure oxygen increases cell metabolism
  • This treatment increases cell proliferation and wound healing abilities
  • It boosts your skin’s immune system
  • It protects Vitamin A from oxidation, thus preserving maximum effects.
  • It is formulated without known xenoestrogens to support hormonal balance
  • This treatment is safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Why do I need Glow Forward®?

Free radical damage thins the skin and breaks down the protective barrier. It also causes permanent DNA damage to skin cells. Antioxidants help to stop this damage and also slow down the signs of aging. Glow Forward® contains these antioxidants to boost your skin’s immune system, increase cell proliferation and even provides extra nourishment to keep your skin healthier.

Where do I fit Glow Forward® into my skin care routine?

Glow Forward® is designed to use once weekly at home. This product would be used prior to step 2 of your normal home treatment regimen, right after cleansing. Afterwards, you can apply an additional treatment product along with a hydrator. Do not forget your sunscreen if done in the morning.  The Glow Forward® mask quickly dissolves dead skin cells, so it is great for post-treatments such as microdermabrasion or the Probiotic Youthboost®.

What type of results should I expect?

The results will vary from person to person. Glow Forward® promotes healthier skin by infusing the skin with probiotics and oxygen. Immediate results should be instant lightening, brightening, and skin softening effects. Long term, you should expect a decrease in breakouts as well as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of photo damage. For maximum results, try pairing it with the Probiotic Youthboost® as a monthly in-office facial treatment.

How many treatments can I expect to receive from this kit?

You should expect to receive about 15+ treatments or approximately a 4-month supply if used once a week. This treatment spreads well so not a lot is needed for each application. Use about a dime to a nickel size amount of each product when applying. Best when used while the skin is still damp after cleansing.

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