Balance Your Features with Chin Surgery ~Columbus, Ohio

Genioplasty is the technical name for this plastic surgery procedure which helps construct your chin. If the shape of your chin makes you unhappy, call Dr. McMahan’s office for an appointment and have a heart-to-heart chat with him.

There are instances when a chin slopes inward and has an indeterminate shape, which detracts from the harmony of the facial structure. In other cases, a chin could be extra large and bulging, which is unsightly. There are also chins which are lop-sided or misshapen, causing loss of symmetry in the appearance. 

During your consultation with Dr. McMahan, you can thoroughly discuss the overall final effect you are looking for. He may even advise you to have nose surgery simultaneously in order to achieve optimum aesthetic results and balance the features. 

If your chin has no definite shape and tends to disappear down your throat line, Dr. McMahan will recommend that you have a chin implant. This is generally an outpatient procedure, which on its own lasts no more than 60 minutes and requires a local or general anesthetic. 

An incision is made either along your lower lip inside the mouth, or under the chin in the skin. Creating a pocket at the front of the jawbone, Dr. McMahan will insert the implant in a size and shape that you have pre-discussed with him, to fulfill the look of your dream face. Dissolving sutures will be used inside the mouth and regular sutures used if the incision is made outside.

Although you will be allowed to return home after you spend some time under observation in the office, your taped chin must be given good care until the stitches are removed. You will be advised to avoid exertion and chewing, and instructed to keep your head elevated and use ice packs to reduce discomfort. 

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