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‘Gummy Bear’ Implants Are Not What They Were Cracked Up To Be

The term ‘gummy bear’ implants arose several years ago when the two largest breast implant companies, Allergan and Mentor, began to develop silicone implants with more viscosity; that is, a thicker gel than what has been used in the past. Breast implant experts refer to the thickness of the gel as ‘cohesiveness.’ The more cohesive […]

Tubular Breasts can be Significantly Improved with Implants and a Small Lift

A tubular breast condition or constricted breasts as they are also known, is relatively common among women and can occur in a wide variety of severities. In this situation the areola is larger than normal and it bulges out more than it is supposed to as breast tissue has ‘herniated’ out into it. In addition, […]

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