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Vacation in Grand Cayman…concluded.

Thursday: Took a Red Sail tour to snorkel the Kittiwake wreck. The USS Kittiwake was a US submarine rescue ship that was decommissioned in 1994 after 49 years of service and was sunk off the coast of Grand Cayman to help create an artificial reef in 2011. It is a big ship, 251 feet in […]

Vacation in Grand Cayman (10/15/16 – 10/22/16)

Sitting in the Grand Cayman airport waiting for our flight to go back to the states (sniff). Thought I would provide our itinerary, highlights, do’s and don’t s for vacationing in Grand Cayman. Saturday (10/15/16): Got in early (10:30 AM) and rented a car from Hertz ($7 per day plus fees..$130 for the week). Checked […]

Mommy Makeovers and Pregnancy

Many of the procedures, which constitute a mommy makeover, are generally performed after a woman has had all of her children; however, this is not a rule that is etched in stone. Liposuction is frequently one of those procedures and can be done at almost any time. While it is best to lose as much […]

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