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Archive for December, 2014

Off-label Use of Injectables

Often we hear or see advertisements for use of a product such as Botox® for injections in certain areas of the face but do not hear from the manufacturing company about its other uses. The FDA will not allow the manufacturers to advertise use of their products in areas for which they are not FDA […]

Start Early with your Anti-Aging Regimen

Most patients who seek anti-aging treatments start to get concerned with their appearance after most of the damage has already been done.  Years of excess sun exposure with no thought of the radiation damage that was being done to their skin and now they want it all to go away; many with the misconceived idea […]

Battle That Dry Winter Skin!

That dry winter weather can create chaos for all skin types. As the weather changes outside, you should be changing your skincare routine as well. Here are some do’s and don’ts. Washing I know it is cold outside and that long, hot shower or bath sounds so amazing but it is one of the worst […]

Post Bariatric

With the advent of a more health conscious society, more and more patients are losing weight through diet and exercise of weight loss procedures such as gastric bypass surgery. As a result of losing extra fat, many of these patients find that, although they look better, feel better and are healthier, they now have folds […]

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