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The Ten Biggest Lies in Plastic Surgery – Lie #9

The ever-expanding marketplace of aesthetic manufacturers develops every year, new techniques, procedures and equipment. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these gadgets and techniques fail to live up to their massive hype and fall by the wayside only to be replaced by new, latest and greatest soon-to-be failures. To promote these expensive products, unsubstantiated claims by […]

The Ten Biggest Lies in Plastic Surgery – Lie #8

The so-called ‘expert’ patient is someone who has had some cosmetic surgery and now considers himself or herself as the world’s expert in that particular procedure. In the past, it was no big deal as they could only misinform one or two people at a time. With advent of the Internet and chat rooms, they […]

The Ten Biggest Lies in Plastic Surgery – Lie #7

Did you know that close to half of the advertisements that you see and hear for plastic surgery are from physicians that have no training at all in plastic surgery? Sad, but true. Regretfully, any physician who has earned a medical degree can call himself or herself a ‘plastic surgeon’ and perform cosmetic procedures on […]

The Ten Biggest Lies in Plastic Surgery – Lie #6

It is simply not possible, not even close. The photographs that you see showing dramatic results from the use of over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products have been digitally altered, falsified and manipulated with favorable lighting in addition to the addition of make-up in the after photos. It is impossible to get anything close to a […]

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