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Many patients are concerned about the pain they may have with surgery and how long they will have to take pain medication during their recovery period. The plastic surgery literature is replete with studies which show that injection of tumescent fluid (dilute local anesthesia) at the time of surgery can dramatically reduce a patient’s pain […]

Nonsurgical liposuction

Someone has now come up with another laser for nonsurgical elimination of fat that is the latest in a long line of devices designed to accomplish the impossible: removing fat without removing fat. The simple fact is that the human body cannot eliminate liquefied fat. We eliminate waste products through our GI tract and though […]

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Excessive Hype

Recommendation of the day: If only one doctor is promoting a particular product or technique, be very skeptical. This is particularly true of proprietary names surgical procedures where the physician has to pay a fee to be able to advertise the name. In these situations, in general, the fee to the franchise company is a […]

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