Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery is a top provider of post-bariatric body contouring procedures in Columbus, OH. While significant weight loss is always an accomplishment to celebrate, the excess skin left behind is often a cause of physical and emotional discomfort. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, James D. McMahan, MD., offers valuable insights for individuals considering a surgical body procedure such as a tummy tuck or arm lift after major weight loss. 

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring refers to a suite of surgical procedures designed to remove excess skin, eliminate fat, and reshape or repair the underlying tissue or muscles. These include procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), mastopexy (breast lift), arm lift (brachioplasty), and liposuction. 

Who Is the Best Candidate for Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery?

Ideal candidates for body contouring are those individuals who have been able to maintain a stable weight at or within the range of what is considered healthy for their body stature. A positive attitude and realistic expectations about the outcomes of surgery significantly contribute to the overall satisfaction of the results.

What Are the Benefits of Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery?

Body contouring surgery offers both functional and aesthetic advantages. These include removing excess skin to improve physical mobility and eliminate the discomfort of rashes from skin folds, as well as body contours that have a more refined and youthful appearance.

Why Is Body Contouring After Weight Loss Different? 

Individuals who achieve substantial weight reduction have different factors of patient safety and procedure readiness to evaluate when considering body contouring procedures. Here are the main reasons why body contouring after major weight loss is distinct:

Excess Skin and Muscle Repair – The structure of skin tissue and certain that has been stretched over time due to an increased body mass often lacks the elasticity to shrink back to the contours of the newly reduced body size. A surgeon experienced in the removal of excessive amounts of loose skin will lead to enhanced aesthetic and functional results.

Nutritional Considerations – Individuals who have lost a large amount of weight, particularly those who have undergone bariatric surgery, may have specific nutritional deficiencies. Adequate levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals, often verified through blood tests, are key indicators of a patient’s readiness for surgery.

Higher Risk of Complications – Due to the extensive nature of the surgeries and the potential for nutritional deficiencies, patients who have undergone significant weight loss may have a higher risk of complications from body contouring procedures. Preoperative evaluations and postoperative care are tailored to mitigate these risks, emphasizing the importance of choosing an experienced surgeon.

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