Research Breast Augmentation in Columbus, OhioFor a few days after your breast augmentation surgery, you may experience acute pain. Full recovery from this surgery can take up to six weeks. For a smooth and successful recovery, prpare your home and get ready at your workplace. Here is what youc an do as you prepare for breast augmentation surgery.

Prepare Your Home

At home, you will need a place where you can rest easily without getting up for various things, most importantly your medication and liquids. The best position for you is in a reclining chair with you back elevated. It is much easier to get up from this position than from a bed or couch. On a table next to you, in a ddition to your medication being readily available, have a good suuply of what you would like to drink. On that table, also have what you plan to use to occupy your time during recovery, such as your laptop computor, books, television, remote, etc.

Check that everything is plugged in, the remote controls have batteries, the clock reads the right time, and everything in the area where you will spend time is in proper order.

Your physician may recommend that you use some medications, clothing, or gauze following your surgery. Stock up on all of these items and keep them in easy ready of your recovery area. Keep extra planets and pillows in easy reach of the recovery area, as well. If you have a lap desk, pull it out and pur it nearby.

Doing this is for your convenience. It does not mean that you need to confine yourself to one area. Your will want you up and moving around and moving your legs frequently after your surgery.

Arrange for Childcare

If you have a young child who needs to be lifted regularly (or a pet, for that matter), make arrangements for someone else to lift and care for your child during the early recovery period.

Your physician will be able to give you a rough estimate to help you gauge how long you will need this help, but ask your helper to be available on standby even beyond the period when your physician says you will definetely need it. This way you will be ready if your recovery takes slightly longer than expected. If you have a pet who needs to be taken out for walks, make arrangements for this to happen as well.

Make Arrangements for Personal Help

Even if you do not have any children at home that will need help throughout your recovery, you will still need help with personal care. If you live alone, ask someone to stay with you for the first few days to help with dishes, meals, and anything else you might need. Since you will also need a ride home after the surgery, this may be the person who picks you up from the surgery center.

Pay Bills in Advance

in the first week after your surgery, focus on your recovery. If bills are due around the time of your surgery, pay them in advance or set up an auto-pay function to ensure that the bills will be paid without any effort from you.

Take Time off Work

Many people who have relatively sedentary jobs are able to return to work within a week after breast augmetnation surgery, but recovery times do vary. Those with more strenuous jobs will need a longer breast before returning to work. Alert your employer well in advance of your surgery to ensure that you will be able to take off this time. Let your employer know that your return to work will depend on your surgery, so you may need some flexibility with your return.

If possible, schedule your procedure for a time when you are sure work will be slow. This will help ensure that you will feel comfortable being at home during this time.

Get Chores Out of the Way

In the days prior to your surgery, get hosehold chores our of the way with the knowledge that it may be several days before you are able to do any of these chores again. Do the laundry, clean the house, do all the dishes, and take out the trash.

As you are doing these chores, think ahead to what might become relevant during your surgery. Is the dishwasher working? Do you have enough dish soap? Will the trash need to be taken to the curb while you are in recovery, and if so, who will do it?

Check all of your cleaning supplies and buy any that you will need. While you are out, think ahead to the meals that you will be eating during your recovery. Microwave meals and soups in a can area n excellent and easy food selection for your surgical recovery.

Have a Consultation With Your Physician

In the weeks before your surgery, have a discussion with your physician about what to expect during surgery and recovery. You will probably have a variety of questions to ask about your recovery and the surgery itself.

Write down your questions so your conversation with the physician will be as productive as possible. Bring a notepad and a pen with you for the talk, so you ccan write down answers and a list of reminders or things to do as you think of them. Get contact information for your physician, so you can send your doctor any other questions that you might think of before the day of the surgery.

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